Myrtle Beach Vacation / by Philip Pietri

We recently got back from a weeklong stay at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Surprisingly you won't find any beach pictures. Something about a vast expanse of sand, water and clumsy tourists frightens me from taking my camera out of my bag.



Off to celebrate our 7th Anniversary (marriage win!)

We celebrated at Melting Pot. Here's a before shot...

...and here's after.

Since I can't take G to the Everglades yet I thought the Gator farm would do.

She loved the birds.

Gianna loved watching the Burmese Python. She was pointing and talking up a storm.

Watching a Lemur. I love this pic.

The Piccarelli's. They spawned my wife.

Gianna can steal your soul with a glance. For real.

Jessica PWNing me with a pillow.

Cutesplosion Part II

Paul loves pirates.

Burrito Gallery in Jacksonville, FL.

Best Burrito in FL hands down. Sorry, Chipotle.

Funniest picture ever.