Atlanta / by Philip Pietri

So. We spent the weekend in Atlanta and I went bananas taking pictures. A few shout-outs on this post. First off, mad love for Amber and Julia over at Our Labor of Love. We won an amazing free family photoshoot with them, which was super exciting for us being that Our Labor of Love is one of our FAVORITE photography collectives. Secondly, I want to holler at my boys over at EAT A DUCK. We took a few of their suggestions for good Atlanta fare and we're sure glad we did. We had some amazing food...and we don't really get much of that in Tampa, Fl. You'll see lots of yummy items in this post that will make you hungry. You've been warned. Here we go...


Downtown Atlanta


Julia and Amber - Gianna loved you. She just has a funny way of showing it [via stank-face].

FLIP Burger Boutique

The Flying Biscuit

Georgia Aquarium