Ontario, Canada / by Philip Pietri

We recently got back from a trip to Canada to shoot with a couple we worked with last year at their wedding (Josh and Daniela Perkins). We did an amazing session in Niagara and documented their anniversary party shortly after. While we were up there, I had my camera eating up the surroundings. Here are some of the images we made on the trip...

Home for the weekend (Stanislawek Residence)


Definitely wanted to give a special thanks to Aaron and Crystal Brewster (pictured below). Crystal acted as our personal tour guide giving us a wealth of information about the local fare, culture and various tidbits of her childhood growing up in Canada. Aaron pretty much made fun of her the whole time which had me in stitches. They're a beautiful couple and they made the trip a lot of fun for us.

Niagara Falls

This dude was filming a music video. With Niagara Falls as the backdrop of his video, it's sure to be a real winner. It will not be the least bit cheesy...


Stay tuned for the amazing portrait session of Josh and Daniela!